The World Cup, footballs greatest event, every players dream. It’s where the crem de le creme of footballs best nations compete to win the ultimate award; The World Cup. EA Sports has yet again bestowed us with another FIFA World Cup title, and let me tell you now this one is good. As soon as you hit the main menu screen you will be greeted with colors & music and a look and feel that truly captures the spirit of Africa & the World Cup and translates it all into the game perfectly.

Battle of the Nations!

On the main menu if you the move right stick, you will see the earth come up. You move across the whole earth and visit each county/continent and see each country’s team stats. This is a first for me & I was impressed, a really cool feature I look forward to using in the full game.
There are multiple game modes but in this demo you can only play one ; Kick Off (Quick Match). You browse your teams by continent, and on the right of the screen the earth I mentioned above highlights which continent you are in. The demo only has two teams; Italy & Spain. It’s a real shame there wasn’t more but what can I do. Each game is only limited to 2 minutes a half, which is the norm for a demo but it is still to quick. If you have played any FIFA game (FIFA 10) the mechanics and the controls are basically the same. The only differences I found between the two was that the players moved a bit faster and the passing was more fluent between players. Penalty’s are revamped and instead of simply placing the ball and shooting, you now have to stop a moving line in the middle of a bar by holding onto B when it is in the middle. If you land in the middle you get a perfect shot, if you land to the left or right you can guess that you wont have a good shot. This process was fun at first but got tedious and boring, and after awhile and kinda felt laborious and made this simple thing into some sort of a mini-game if you will.

Why couldn't it be as simple as this?

Cutscenes for substitutions are simple and effective. It sometimes shows the player shaking hands with his manager and exchanging tactics then running onto the pitch, other times it just shows the player waiting for the other player & then running on. The detail and faces are highly detailed and you can recognize them easily, even close ups on the fans are the same. The end of game screen gives you all your stats like goals, passes, shots on target etc. Its a simple yet effective design that shows all 11 players and there corresponding stats just below their faces.
Final Thoughts:
My final comments on this demo is that it played out better than I expected. Many previous FIFA World Cup titles haven’t been the best, but this one is feels different and is well thought out. From the new features added & to the confetti thrown on the pitch, I loved every minute of it and look forward to playing the full game when it’s released next month.