There comes a point in a man’s life when he has to take it easy and relax a bit more often than he usually would. However, Dr. Diggabone is taking that a little too seriously; He doesn’t shoot, jump, run or even walk. Instead you have to flip and spin the mazes and let gravity do its thing so you can send Dr. Diggabone on his epic journey of archaeology to collect 16 lost relics and along the way get rich. So Lazy Raiders, a platform/puzzle game, was released last week by Canadian developers Sarbakan Studios. In it you play as a British explorer by the name of Dr. Diggabone, or if you want you can choose your Xbox Live Avatar, who is on a quest to find 16 lost relics across the entire game; the game also has 12 achievements and 3 avatar awards.

The detail is on each maze is beautiful!

The first city you play is the Seven Cities of Gold which is very reminiscent of the Egyptian tombs and has that underground feel. With the addition of spiked rolling boulders and booby traps, it makes for some exciting mazes. After Seven Cities of Gold is Arctic Caves, a cold and icy set of mazes, full of rolling ice boulders and icicles along the walls, much the same as the Seven Cities of Gold except it is covered in ice. Last, but not least, is the Wild West, one of my personal favorite cities, where in one maze in particular you are under a mountain and the maze is shaped like a cog wheel. It just brings back the memories of what the Wild West was truly like.

In the Willd West!

In each maze, you need to pick up Idols, which are small statuettes, then collect a certain amount of gold before you can pick up the golden pickaxe, thus completing the maze. Then, after a few mazes, you start a maze where you collect one lost relic; these are spread out through the game and through each of the three cities. The controls are simplistic to use but some can be tricky to master. Using the right thumbstick, you can tilt the maze, which makes the character start sliding and gravity takes it course. That’s not all, if you press A, you can flip the entire maze upside down which I must say can be disorientating, but other than that, it adds a new dimension to each maze. You can also press RT & LT to zoom in and out to get some much needed detail on your screen for those tricky parts of the maze where there are traps and it is a definitely feature you will be using throughout the game.
But if you’re like me and like to take your time instead of trying to beat the developers time, you can go slow and use the things that are supposed to kill you to your advantage. If I tilt the maze and use the boulders to destroy spikes, then dynamite to destroy flames and thieves, I can earn some extra gold in the process, but if you’re not careful you can easily get yourself killed or even have your gold stolen by thieves. You have the option to play as Dr. Diggabone or your own Xbox Live Avatar. I chose my own avatar simply because I don’t get to use him that often. By choosing my avatar I can make the game my own because I can quit the game, edit my avatar’s facial features and I have a brand new character to play. Seeing my avatar in his funky archaeology suit and sliding about in caves dodging boulders, flames, and spikes, outwitting thieves and other enemies, is pretty cool and makes a change from staring at the one main character, Dr. Diggabone.

Brrrr...looks chilly in the Artic Caves!

The game looks fantastic and plays the same. The graphics are amazing in 1080p and each maze played looks beautiful whether you are in the Arctic Mazes or the Wild West. The one thing I love is the pick up and play aspect of this game. The controls are not by any means hard to learn but some can be tricky to get used to. However, once you do, you will have endless amounts of fun. Also, there are leaderboards, something which provide endless amounts of game play, trying your best to beat your friends times.

Dr. Diggabone is about to snatch an Idol!

I felt the game was missing one thing – co-op multiplayer. Something like Splosion Man had, where you and your buddy could go through the mazes helping each other out. I feel like it would have helped make the game less repetitive and would add an entirely new dimension to the game.
Andrew’s Final Say: Yes the game has some hard mechanics to get used too, but when you do, the game is perfect for what it says it does. So if you’re looking for a puzzle game and want it to be a ton of fun, this is the game for you. The game is only 800 MS Points and well worth that price. It can get a bit repetitive at times with each maze having the same objective, but with them having different obstacles it’s always a changing experience and is a very good and enjoyable game to play.