Anybody that’s anybody knows about Modern Warfare 2 and the DLC. There has been controversy over the prices that Activision has chosen. Obviously with the huge success of the Stimulus Package and it breaking DLC sales records of course Activision wasn’t going to lower the price for the Resurgence Package. In this review I will try and make you look differently towards the pricing and try and tell you that it’s only aimed at the “hardcore” MW2 gamer.

The Resurgence Package is the second DLC pack for Modern Warfare 2. Coming in at hefty 1200msp with the same structure of the Stimulus Package, it contains 3 new & 2 old maps. Some might say why bring back maps from a game that I have already played to death? Case in point; Modern Warfare 1. Well let me tell you from the get go, it’s a completely different experience.


Lets get talking about the maps now. First up is Vacant. Vacant is a small map that is set in an abandoned office building. The main building contains cubicles, office equipment and long corridors on both sides. Directly adjacent to the main building is a warehouse, which connects to the main office area and one of the corridors. Outside you will find multiple shipping containers and a large oil tank. The fighting on this map mainly takes place indoor with the outdoor areas used for flanking and because of this it become an intense close quarter combat experience. When you take the level of detail, the up close and personal style of play & the new weapons in MW2 then combine them all, this map is a drastically different experience from Modern Warfare 1.


Next up is Strike. Strike was one of my personal favourites from Modern Warfare 1. A medium sized map made of large outdoor areas and back streets plus those indoor vantage points for those pesky snipers. Again the detail on these old maps are second to none, and are really pretty to look at. The updated graphics, the minor tweaks plus the killstreaks all come into play here making it more of an intense experience than before.


Time for the new maps. Fuel is unique and nothing I have ever seen before in MW2. It’s split up into two sections, one being tailor made for snipers and the other half with a large warehouse and tight corridors. Fuel is HUGE and is the biggest map in MW2. There are quite a few places to get lost in this map but sometimes it can sway in your favour. Just for example, I found myself walking into a sewage tunnel underground, only to walk up a set of stairs to find a whole bunch of enemies in the room above. The different play styles of each player and their respective weapons, all come together and make for some incredible gameplay.


Carnival is next. Before I start talking about this map, I have to say that Infinity Ward have made one of the most varied, most fun & the most awe inspiring maps to play on. Carnival is a desolate amusement park packed with excellent vantage points for snipers. It’s a pretty big map, but not on the same scale as Fuel. It has many set pieces like the fun house, roller-coaster and even bumping cars. The map has a ton of hiding places scattered all over the place. The map is so varied and has many different areas that fighting can take place & this is why it was my favourite map from the Resurgence Package and whenever you get your hands on it you will see why.

Trailer Park

Last but not least is Trailer Park. Trailer Park is a map made up of trailers, condensed areas and tight corridors. It’s all very up close and personal play style on this map. If you’re the type of player that loves to be on the edge of your seat when playing MW2, this is the map for you. If you’re the player that doesn’t, well it’s safe to say that you won’t be a fan of this map. I found this map to be more “run n’ gun”orientated and snipers were virtually non existent except them few “quick scoper’s” that refuse to use any other weapon than a sniper. A new play style and very intense fighting made this map extremely frustrating yet very fun to play on.

Andrew’s Final Say: That’s it, all the maps broken down and examined. The Resurgence Package is well worth the 1200msp price tag BUT only if you’re a “hardcore” MW2 gamer and play the game day in and day out. If you’re the gamer that only plays MW2 now and again, you should save your money because this map pack was aimed at the “hardcore” fans.