Ok, i’m going to be straight up honest, I have never been a fan of time management games — period. I find them to be boring, repetitive and completly monotonous. This game especially isn’t aimed towards me, I mean just look at the screenshots. It’s aimed at pre-pubescent girls who love shopping, bright colors and saying “Oh My God” a lot.

In the game you play as Kate, a young woman, who is fresh out college and has a job opportunity to work in a supermarket because she knew how to control traffic at a congested crossroads earlier that day. Your day to day duties? Keep customers happy by stocking shelves, handling the cash register & tapping your iPad screen — a lot.

The controls of the game are very simple, and are blatantly obvious for the iPad. Whenever shevles run out of stock, you tap it to make Kate slowly run over and restock it. If you don’t restock, the customers get angry. You also help customers out by giving them a trolley to put their shopping in. All of this is controlled by a tap of your finger. It all works flawlessly on the iPad.

The game offers a story mode which features 50 levels, upgrades for your shop & several different types of customers. All of which is very entertaining, for about 15mins, then I started to get bored with the repetitiveness of the game. That’s when I handed the game to my younger sister. I let her play the game for a while, which then turned into a few hours. She said she loved it & couldn’t get enough. I guess it’s the bright colors, catchy tunes & simple gameplay that kept her interested for that long.

Andrew’s final say: Overall, this is a very enjoyable game but if you’re like me, you will find it very repetitive and monotonous . The simple controls, great graphics and repetitive gameplay make it an excellent time waster but I wouldn’t be playing this game for hours upon hours, I just can’t. If you have an iPad, a younger sister and $4.99, go buy it and let her play it and she will think you’re the next best thing since sliced bread. She will love the game — trust me.