As far Bee Patrol‘s gameplay goes, it’s simplistic. It uses the swipe mechanic in order to create a path for the bees to collect honey, then return the honey to the hive. It’s hard not compare Bee Patrol to Flight Control. They both utilize the same game mechanic for a ridiculously addictive game, and a great time waster.

The game consists of 3 worlds with 9 levels in each, each getting progressively harder. Each level you have a target score. Reach that, then you can move onto the next. Ah, sounds SO easy, right? Well, it’s harder than that. When you start off a level, everything is manageable. That is until loads of bees start to fly on screen creating chaos.

As you swipe to create a path for each bee, you have to collect honey from plants and return it to the hives and earn scores. You’re doing all this while watching out for other bees and other flying creatures. Which causes your bee to explode if they crash into together.  Like I said above, things start to hectic pretty quickly — and it requires nifty fingers. The game also has Game Center support for you achievement junkies.

The great thing about this game is how addictive it is. I started playing for few minutes, only to find myself playing for an extra 30mins. It’s a game that when you’re out and about, you can take out and play to kill a bit of time.

The only negative I can draw is the ability to speed up the gameplay. I can recall many of times when I looked up the top right of the screen to activate the fast forward option — only to find none.

Andrew’s final say: It’s basically an addictive time waster that keeps you playing and playing. If you own an iPod Touch, why not pick this up and enjoy hours of hectic gameplay. It’s only $0.99 at then end of the day.