Flick Buddies HD is basic in form. It uses the huge real estate of the iPad screen to bring family and friends together to have some great fun by playing against each other and shooting at targets.

Flick Buddies HD‘s gameplay is minimal. You, the player, are positioned in one of the four corners on the iPad’s screen. Your objective is to shoot an object past obstacles and then hit a target that sometimes can be still or in a moving position.

You can play against AI or in local multiplayer up to 4 players. I played through all the stages against AI first and thought to myself, this is way too easy. It’s only when I played the game the way it’s meant to be played — in local multiplayer — that I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the game actually is. The games fun mechanics, quirky music and overall sense of enjoyment, makes it a treat to play with friends.

  • Free Updates
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Enjoyable

The only problem I could find was its lack of online functionality: it’s only local multiplayer.

The lack of online play via Game Center let me down. This game would be perfect for it — and is obviously built with multiplayer in mind. But, here is the good news. I talked with the developers of Flick Buddies HD and they told me they are working on an update right now, which will add Game Center support and achievements and is due to drop in early 2011. Hopefully this update will add online play because it is a great, and much needed, feature to have.

Andrew’s final say:
If you’re looking for a game to play now again with friends, I would suggest buying Flick Buddies HD — it is only $1.99 after all. But, you will get fed up pretty quickly if you don’t have anyone to play the game with. I would suggest holding off until the next update arrives in early 2011 which will hopefully include online play via Game Center.

Don’t Buy Just Yet