Recently I was lucky enough to play through a preview build of Coat Sink’s upcoming iPad game, Pinch HD, early. But, if you don’t know what Pinch HD is all about, which you should because it’s pretty good, watch the teaser trailer for the game below and get yourself acquainted.

The objective in Pinch HD is quite simple: guide multiple colored orbs to the exit. It’s all done by using your finger to drag, conjoin and, of course, pinch orbs in order to pass over certain obstacles and eventually make your way to the exit.

Don’t be fooled though. It may sound rather simple on paper but some of the latter levels get really difficult and sometimes, things just seem way too hard — but there’s always a solution. I played through nearly 40 levels of the preview build and I’m still left wanting more. Luckily, the main game will feature “100 beautiful, mind-bending levels”.

What I really liked about Pinch HD was it’s ability to drag me in and make me play for hours on end. The game’s controls are simple and intuitive, all finger gestures and the game has a great presentation. The simplicity of the game is something that should be admired and just because a game is simple is design, doesn’t mean it can’t be complex in gameplay.

All in all, Pinch HD is one of my favorite iPad games of 2011 — and it’s not even out yet. So I can’t wait until Coat Sink put the finishing touches to the final game and let the whole world marvel at this puzzling masterpiece.

Pinch HD will release, hopefully, by the end of February and for more info head over to Pinch HD’s official site.