Wordstr is, well, a word puzzle game. While it’s premise is that of an entertaining word game that offers a great presentation and a simple time waster. It just lacks a few features that if built upon, it could make this fantastic idea of a game worthy for anyone’s iPad.

The premise of Wordstr is simple: a word search game in which the player must find the hidden word through a process of elimination. You choose between a four or five letter game, and as you go through numerous words gaining a high score, letters that you’ve used are greyed out and the letters that are contained within the hidden word stay green. Getting a wrong word, or use letter that has already been used results in your score being penalized.

While the gameplay may sound rather easy, it got very, very annoying. The game chooses the hidden word from, what I can only guess, an internal dictionary. Now, if you were to add up all the four & five letter words in the dictionary — how many of you would know all of them? I doubt any of you do without a little help from the internet.

A simple, and a no-brainer, feature that could be added to be combat this would be to add in a hint system. Whenever you’re stuck trying to guess the hidden word, instead of waiting for the clock to run down and find out the hidden word — how about a hint system that penalizes your high score.

– Leaderboards
– Great presentation

Andrew’s final say: Overall, Wordstr is a fun and quite challenging word puzzle game. With a little fine tuning and some added features, Wordstr deserves to be on anyone’s iPad… but just not yet — unless you like to frustrate yourself by hurting your brain trying to think of words. If so, buy it now.

Don’t buy just yet