Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is an online action RPG/Tower Defense game. The game features a massive campaign, online PvP mode and a co-op online mode. Also, it’s pretty good.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is set in Etheria, an ancient land that was once ruled by immortal beings calling themselves; The Old Ones. After a long struggle against the evil forces, The Old Ones finally managed to harness their powers into crystals that reside in dungeons. Then one day, when the crystals were left in the care of young ones, they accidentally set off an ancient evil force. The main objective of the game, is to protect the crystals from baddies. Ah, not so complicated.

Players must, first, play through a lengthy tutorial mission during which the screen is marred by wave after wave of text help boxes. Once finished, players are then free to dive straight into the game’s massive amount of content.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave mixes RPG core mechanics into a traditional tower defense game; it allows the player to gain XP in combat, level up their hero and equip them with new gear. And here’s where the tower defense game mechanics come into play: the player’s leveled character is used as a mobile tower during battles.

The game makes very good use of Game Center. It features drop in/drop out co-op — perfect! The multiplayer game is no different from the singleplayer game. They both feature the same missions except the multiplayer has extra players to give a helping hand. The multiplayer experience was great — having a few friends helping out defending the crystals is great!

The only problem I have with the game is camera view. The camera view would’ve been best if it were in an isometric view. So many times I would zoom out all the way, then when I enter a new area, the camera zooms all the way in and ruins the experience.